About Us

Putri Bali was born after the most unforgettable holiday in Bali! Bali is a lush piece of paradise in the heart of Indonesia. 

Bali is famous for its arts, crafts, their amazing culture and their creative craftsmanship in designing and making of hand carved wooden furniture. 

Putri Bali’s journey started in 2006 and we can say with ease that our relationship with all our helping staff, our agent, suppliers and the craftsmen in Bali has made our importing business a huge success! Putri Bali Furniture has grown and is still growing positively and we strive to keep our company honest, fresh and updated with the current furniture trends!

Putri Bali’s main priority is to keep our clients satisfied by importing only high quality products and items hand picked by ourselves (or you) while in Bali. 

Putri Bali is well aware of the scaresness  of wood world wide hence we recently got involved with the Indonesian Department of Forestry to contribute and assist in the Indonesian replanting program! So as a client, you are also contributing to the sustainability of wood business in Indonesia.

Putri Bali has successfully done their 25th Container in 10 years. We have been with the same agent since the start and only buy from highly skilled workman and can ensure high quality products at all times!

Putri Bali have imported various products from Indonesia and buy only from suppliers with whom we have a longstanding relationship and understanding.

Indonesian Teak is a tropical hard wood and extremely enduring. Indonesian Teak is known as one of the strongest wood in the world and is especially known for its capacity to withstand any location and weather condition. 

We also import items made from recycled or reclaimed wood that was collected from old roof trusses, retired sea vessels and old abandoned buildings which are mostely their historic temples. This wood gets transformed into the most unique and colorful furniture pieces and we’re still amazed after each container in their creativity and craftsmanship. 

Root furniture is the latest trend and made from the hardest part of the Teak tree which is the root. These are everlasting items which requires very little maintenance and looks absolutely stunning. 

Indonesian Banana Leaf, Rattan and Bamboo is also popular items on our stock list. Ceramic pots, Volcano Rock and Sand Stone products are also available. Shell products, exclusive glassware, wooden ornaments and beautiful mirrors (modern or ornately carved is often ordered). The art pieces are original and unique. 

Our company contributes in the sustainability of the Balinese community by creating job opportunities. We buy directly from the carver or the local entrepreneurs. These craftsmen have raw talent and with no or very little modern technology create exquisite products.

Please contact us at putribalifurniture@gmail.com for any other enquiries.